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Rank/Xerox: Ingenue
„M.y.t.h. EP“ Adagio830 2017

Buzzcocks: Orgasm Addict
„Time’s Up“ Domino Recordings Ltd. 2017 (Rerelease)

A Place To Bury Strangers: Everyone’s The Same
„Our First 100 Days“ 2017

Froth: Passing Thing
„Outside (Briefly)“ Wichita Recordings 2017

ADULT. featuring Michael Gira: Breathe On
„Detroit House Guests“ Mute Records 2017

ADULT. featuring Shannon Funchess: Stop (and Start Again)
„Detroit House Guests“ Mute Records 2017

The Magnetic Fields: ’84 Danceteria!
„50 Song Memoir“ Nonesuch 2017

High Plains: Blood that Ran the Rapids
„Cinderland“ kranky 2017

Conrad Schnitzler & Pole: lacht
„Con-Struct“ Bureau B 2017

Kreidler: Kannibal
„European Song“ Bureau B 2017

Pixx: I Bow Down (Radio Edit)
„I Bow Down“ 4AD 2017

Anna Calvi: Whip The Night (Live For Burberry)
„Live For Burberry“ Domino Recordings Ltd. 2017

The Jesus and Mary Chain feat. Bernadette Denning: Always Sad
„Damage And Joy“ ADA 2017

Thurston Moore: Cease Fire (Radio Edit)
„Cease Fire“ Caroline International 2017

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The Left Hand Path: Magick
„Equinox“ Bandcamp 2014

Cold Specks: Exit Plan
„Neuroplasticity“ Muste Records 2014

Hauschka: Agdam
„Abandoned City“ City Slang 2014

Kreidler: Alphabet
„ABC“ Bureau B 2014

Hundreds: Please Rewind
„Aftermath“ Sinnbus 2014

The Fauns: Let’s Go
„Lights“ Invada Records 2014

Mono: Recoil, Ignite
„Rays Of Darkness“ Pelagic Records 2014

The Twilight Sad: In Nowheres
„Nobody Wants To be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave“ FatCat Records 2014

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Kreidler: Modul
„ABC“ Bureau B 2014

Driftmachine: Drift
„Nocturnes“ Umor Rex 2014

Ben Frost: Nolan
„A U R O R A“ Mute Records Ltd. 2014

Swans: Oxygen
„To Be Kind“ Mute Records Ltd. 2014

The Knife: Bird (Shaken-Up Version)
„Shaken-Up Versions“ Rabid Records 2014

Bo Ningen feat. Roger Robinson: Slider
„III“ Stolen Recordings 2014

Bo Ningen: Dadada
„III“ Stolen Recordings 2014

Die Partei: Wo sind sie
„La Freiheit des Geistes“ Bureau B 1981 (Re-Release 2014)

Camilla Sparksss: I’ll Teach You To Hunt
„For You The Wild“ On The Camper Records 2014

Kreidler: Tornado
„ABC“ Bureau B 2014

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Minny Pops: Blue Roses
„FAC.Dance 02“ Strut 2012

Section 25: Knew Noise
„FAC.Dance 02“ Strut 2012

Toy: Drifting Deeper
„Toy“ Heavenly Recordings 2012

Toy: Strange
„Toy“ Heavenly Recordings 2012

Ringo Deathstarr: I Knew You Would
„Mauve“ Club AC30 2012

Ringo Deathstarr: Rip
„Mauve“ Club AC30 2012

Crime and the City Solution: Hunter
„An Introduction To… A History of Crime. Berlin 1987-1991“ Mute Records 2012

Kreidler: Deadwringer
„Den“ Bureau B 2012

Gudrun Gut: Garten
„Wildlife“ Monika Enterprise 2012

Barbara Morgenstern: Sweet Silence (T.Raumschmiere RMX)
„Silence Sweater EP“ Monika Enterprise 2012

Liars: Brats (Vessel Eleptic Mix)
„Brats“ Mute Records 2012

The Twilight Sad: Nil (Liars Remix)
„No One Can Ever Know – The Remixes“ FatCat Records 2012

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The Mountain Goats: For Charles Bronson
„All Eternals Deck“ Tomlab 2011

PJ Harvey: The Glorious Land
„Let England Shake“ Island Records 2011

Lia Ices: New Myth
„Grown Unknown“ Jagjaguwar 2011

Stabil Elite: Der Mann auf der Kutsche
„Gold“ Italic 2011

Kreidler: Jaguar
„Tank“ Bureau B 2011

Grinderman: When My Baby Comes (Cat’s Eyes with Luke Tristram)
„Palaces Of Montezuma“ Mute Records Ltd. 2011

Mogwai: Rano Pano
„Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will“ Rock Action 2011

The Joy Formidable: The Everchanging Spectrum Of A Lie
„The Big Roar“ Atlantic Records 2011

Junip: In Every Direction
„In Every Direction“ City Slang 2011

Wye Oak: Fish
„Civilian“ City Slang 2011

Austra: Beat And The Pulse (Extended Version)
„Beat And The Pulse“ Domino Recordings 2011

Cold Cave: Villains Of The Moon
„Cherish The Light Years“ Matador 2011

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