indietronic (226)

New Order: Singularity
„Music Complete“ Mute 2015

Barbara Morgenstern with Gudrun Gut: Too Much
„Doppelstern“ Monika Enterprise 2015

Girl Band: Baloo
„Holding Hands with Jamie“ Rough Trade 2015

Girl Band: Um Bongo
„Holding Hands with Jamie“ Rough Trade 2015

Mono: Death in Reverse
„Transcendence EP“ Pelagic Records 2015

Halma: Crooning
„Granular“ Kapitän Platte 2015

My Disco: Our Decade
„Severe“ Temporary Residence Ltd. 2015

My Disco: Successive Pleasure
„Severe“ Temporary Residence Ltd. 2015

Carter Tutti Void: f=2.3
„f (x)“ Industrial Records 2015

The Vacant Lots: Fame
„A Salute to the Thin White Duke“ Cleopatra Records 2015

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Mono: Cyclone
„The Last Dawn“ Pelagic Records 2014

Wang Wen: Ten Thousand Buddahs
„Eight Horses“ Pelagic Records 2014

Gut und Irmler: Früh
„500 m“ Bureau B 2014

Schneider TM & Automat: Erdöl
„Bootleg – The First Record Made By Boots And Legs“ Bureau B 2014

The Twilight Sad: There’s A Girl In The Corner
„Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave“ FatCat Records 2014

Tindersticks: Whispering Guns (Pt 1, 2 & 3)
„Ypres“ City Slang 2014

Mono: Recoil Ignite
„Rays Of Darkness“ Pelagic Records 2014

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Minny Pops: Blue Roses
„FAC.Dance 02“ Strut 2012

Section 25: Knew Noise
„FAC.Dance 02“ Strut 2012

Toy: Drifting Deeper
„Toy“ Heavenly Recordings 2012

Toy: Strange
„Toy“ Heavenly Recordings 2012

Ringo Deathstarr: I Knew You Would
„Mauve“ Club AC30 2012

Ringo Deathstarr: Rip
„Mauve“ Club AC30 2012

Crime and the City Solution: Hunter
„An Introduction To… A History of Crime. Berlin 1987-1991“ Mute Records 2012

Kreidler: Deadwringer
„Den“ Bureau B 2012

Gudrun Gut: Garten
„Wildlife“ Monika Enterprise 2012

Barbara Morgenstern: Sweet Silence (T.Raumschmiere RMX)
„Silence Sweater EP“ Monika Enterprise 2012

Liars: Brats (Vessel Eleptic Mix)
„Brats“ Mute Records 2012

The Twilight Sad: Nil (Liars Remix)
„No One Can Ever Know – The Remixes“ FatCat Records 2012