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The Birthday Party: Mutiny In Heaven
„Mutiny“ Mute Records 1983

Jaguwar: Crystal (Single Version)
„Crystal“ Tapete Records 2017

Утро: Царь
„Третий альбом“ Talitres 2017

Утро: Мне снилось, что я спал
„Третий альбом“ Talitres 2017

John Maus: Pets
„Screen Memories“ Ribbon Music 2017

Exploded View: You Got A Problem Son
„Summer Came Early EP“ Sacred Bones Records 2017

Throbbing Gristle: Something Came Over Me
„The Taste Of TG: A Beginner’s Guide The Throbbing Gristle“ Mute Records 2017

Throbbing Gristle: Slug Bait (Live at the ICA London)
„The Second Annual Report“ Mute Records 1977/2017

Throbbing Gristle: What A Day
„20 Jazz Funk Greats“ Mute Records 1979/2017

Throbbing Gristle: Hot On The Heels Of Love
„20 Jazz Funk Greats“ Mute Records 1979/2017

Fever Ray: Falling
„Plunge“ Rabid Records 2017

Fever Ray: A Part Of Us
„Plunge“ Rabid Records 2017

The Knife: Marble House (Planning To Rock Remix)
„Marble House“ Rabid Records 2006

Dream City Film Club: If I Die, I Die
„Dream City Film Club“ Beggars Banquet 1997

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The Knife: Silent Shout
„Silent Shout“ Brille Records 2007

Von Südenfed: Fledermaus Can’t Get It
„Tromatic Reflexxions“ Domino Records 2007

Ben et Béné: Comines-Komen
„Trip To Trip“ Da! Heard It Records 2007

HTRK: Look Down The Line
„Nostalgia“ Fire Records 2007

Devastations: Oh Me, Oh My
„Yes, U“ Beggars Banquet 2007

Pluramon: Fresh Aufhebung
„The Monsterous Surplus“ Karaoke Kalk 2007

Monotekktoni: Excuse Me, Helen, But What Is With My Freedom
„Love Your Neighbour? No, Thanks.“ Sinnbus 2007

Health: Triceratops
„Health“ Lovepump United 2007

Liars: Clear Islands
„Liars“ Mute Records 2007

!!! (chk chk chk): All My Heroes Are Weirdos
„Myth Takes“ Warp Records 2007

The Dance Inc.: Looking Like That
„Legs And Arms“ Audiolith 2007

The Twilight Sad: Walking For Two Hours
„Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters“ FatCat Records 2007

Angels Of Light: My Brother’s Man
„We Are Him“ Young God Records 2007

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Kreidler: Modul
„ABC“ Bureau B 2014

Driftmachine: Drift
„Nocturnes“ Umor Rex 2014

Ben Frost: Nolan
„A U R O R A“ Mute Records Ltd. 2014

Swans: Oxygen
„To Be Kind“ Mute Records Ltd. 2014

The Knife: Bird (Shaken-Up Version)
„Shaken-Up Versions“ Rabid Records 2014

Bo Ningen feat. Roger Robinson: Slider
„III“ Stolen Recordings 2014

Bo Ningen: Dadada
„III“ Stolen Recordings 2014

Die Partei: Wo sind sie
„La Freiheit des Geistes“ Bureau B 1981 (Re-Release 2014)

Camilla Sparksss: I’ll Teach You To Hunt
„For You The Wild“ On The Camper Records 2014

Kreidler: Tornado
„ABC“ Bureau B 2014

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Savages: She Will
„Silence Yourself“ Matador 2013

Sigur Rós: Kveikur
„Kveikur“ XL Recordings 2013

The Black Angels: Indigo Meadow
„Indigo Meadow“ Blue Horizo 2013

The Knife: Full Of Fire
„Shaking The Habitual“ Rabid Records 2013

Apparat: 44 (Noise Version)
„Kreig und Frieden (Music for Theatre)“ Mute Records 2013

Trentemøller feat. Ghost Society: River Of Life
„Lost“ In My Room 2013

Cold Cave: God Made The World
„God Made The World“ Heartworm 2013

Crime & The City Solution: American Twilight
„American Twilight“ Mute Records 2013


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Savages: Shut Up
„Silence Yourself“ Matador 2013

Savages: Waiting For A Sign
„Silence Yourself“ Matador 2013

Portishead: We Carry On
„Third“ Island Records 2008

Portishead: Machine Gun
„Third“ Island Records 2008

The Knife: Old Dreams Waiting To Be Realized
“Shaking The Habitual” Rabid Records 2013

OAKE: Erajh Nur Dwfa
„Offenbarung“ Downwards 2013

Sigur Rós: Brennisteinn
„Kveikur“ XL Recordings 2013

Sigur Rós: Bláþráður
„Kveikur“ XL Recordings 2013

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Mick Harvey: Glorious
„Four (Acts Of Love)“ Mute Records Ltd. 2013

Ultras S/C: 1417 Roberts Ave
„1417 Roberts Ave / My Own Microphone“ Cass Records 2012

Karl Bartos: Atomium
„Off The Record“ Bureau B 2013

Kraftwerk: Electric Café
„Electric Café“ EMI 1986

Karl Bartos: Life
„Communication“ Home records 2003

Karl Bartos: Nachtfahrt
„Off The Record“ Bureau B 2013

The Knife: Without You My Life Would Be Boring
„Shaking The Habitual“ Rabid Records 2013

The Knife: Wrap Your Arms Around Me
„Shaking The Habitual“ Rabid Records 2013

Junip: Head First
„Junip“ City Slang 2013

The Knife feat. Shannon Funchess and Emily Roysdon: Stay Out Here
„Shaking The Habitual“ Rabid Records 2013

Sølyst: Melancholia
„Lead“ Bureau B 2013

Anika: In The City
„Anika EP“ Stones Throw Records 2013


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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Jubilee Street
“Push The Sky Away” Bad Seed Ltd. 2013

My Bloody Valentine: Only Tomorrow
„m b v“ 2013

Neu!: Negativland
„Neu!“ Brain 1972 (Grönland Records Reissue 2001)

Joy Division: Excercise One
„Still“ Factory 1981 (London Records Reissue 2007)

The Stooges: Dirt
„Fun House“ Elektra 1970 (Reissue 1988)

Joy Division: New Dawn Fades
„Unknown Pleasures“ Factory 1979 (London Records Reissue 2007)

The Knife: Full Of Fire
„Full Of Fire“ Rabid Records 2013

Nico: The End (Peel Session 1974)
„The End…“ Island Records 1974 (Reissue 2012)

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Michael Gira: No Words / No Thoughts
„I Am Not Insane“ CD/DVD – Young God Records 2010

Rowland S. Howard: Pop Crimes
„Pop Crimes“ Download – Liberation Records 2009

Dag För Dag: The Leather Of Your Boots
„Boo“ CD – Haldern Pop Recordings 2010

No More: Sunday Mitternacht
„Sunday Mitternacht“ 7″ – Rent A Dog 2010

Get Well Soon: Werner Herzog Gets Shot
„Vexations“ CD – City Slang 2010

Ninca Leece: The Uncut Version
„There Is No One Else When I Lay Down And Dream“ Download – Bureau B 2010

Yeasayer: Rome
„Odd Blood“ CD – Mute Records 2010

Portishead: Chase The Tear
„Chase The Tear“ Download – Amnesty International 2009

Pantha Du Prince: Behind The Stars
„Black Noise“ CD – Rough Trade Records 2010

The Knife: Colouring Of Pigeons
„Tomorrow, In A Year“ Download – Rabid Records 2010