indietronic (162)

Rowland S. Howard: Pop Crimes
„Pop Crimes“ CD – Infectious 2010

„Marry Me Tonight“ CD – Blast First Petite 2009

Effi Briest: Universe
„V.A.: Jonny“ 10″ – Blast First Petite 2010

Gavin Friday & Dave Ball: Ghostrider
„V.A.: Ghostrider“ 10″ – Blast First Petite 2010

Factory Floor: A Wooden Box
„Wooden Box“ 12″ – Blast First Petite 2010

Factory Floor: Lying (Chris Carter Remix)
„Wooden Box“ 12″ – Blast First Petite 2010

Crystal Castles: Bird
„Crystal Castles“ CD – Fiction Records 2010

HEALTH: Eat Flesh (Crystal Castles Remix)
„Disco 2“ CD – City Slang 2010

Greie Gut Fraktion: White Oak
„Baustelle“ Download – Monika Enterprise 2010

Killing Joke: Endgame
„In Excelsis“ MCD – Spinefarm Records 2010

A Place To Bury Strangers:
It’s A Fast Driving Raveup With A Place To Bury Strangers

„Ego Death“ Download – Mute Records 2010

indietronic (161)

My Disco: You
„Young / You“ MCD – Blast First Petite 2010

Effi Briest: Long Shadow
„Rhizomes“ CD – Blast First Petite 2010

Greie Gut Fraktion: Wir bauen eine neue Stadt (Shortcut)
„Stadt Mixe“ 12″ – Monika Enterprise 2010

Ellen Allien: My Tree
„Dust“ Download – BPitch Control 2010

aswefall: Memphis
„Fun Is Dead“ CD – Isolering 2010

The Dance Inc.: Echoes
„This Fighting“ Free Download – Audiolith 2010

Alien Sex Fiend: Dance Of The Dead
„Death Trip“ CD – 13th Moon Records 2010

ASCII.Disko: Everything Is Fading Away
„Stay Gold Forever Gold“ CD – Artoffact 2010

„USA Boys“ Download – City Slang 2010

Record Club: Guns In The Sky
„INXS: Kick“ Download – 2010

Black Francis: Dead Man’s Curve
„Nonstoperotik“ CD – Cooking Vinyl 2010

Fischessen: Radius 40
„Köder“ CD – Blu Noise 2010

Black Cab: Rescue
„Call Signs“ CD – Laughing Outlaw Records 2010

A Place To Bury Strangers: Tried To Hide
„V.A.: The Psychedelic Sound Of The Sonic Cathedral“ CD – Sonic Cathedral 2010