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The Knife: Silent Shout
„Silent Shout“ Brille Records 2007

Von Südenfed: Fledermaus Can’t Get It
„Tromatic Reflexxions“ Domino Records 2007

Ben et Béné: Comines-Komen
„Trip To Trip“ Da! Heard It Records 2007

HTRK: Look Down The Line
„Nostalgia“ Fire Records 2007

Devastations: Oh Me, Oh My
„Yes, U“ Beggars Banquet 2007

Pluramon: Fresh Aufhebung
„The Monsterous Surplus“ Karaoke Kalk 2007

Monotekktoni: Excuse Me, Helen, But What Is With My Freedom
„Love Your Neighbour? No, Thanks.“ Sinnbus 2007

Health: Triceratops
„Health“ Lovepump United 2007

Liars: Clear Islands
„Liars“ Mute Records 2007

!!! (chk chk chk): All My Heroes Are Weirdos
„Myth Takes“ Warp Records 2007

The Dance Inc.: Looking Like That
„Legs And Arms“ Audiolith 2007

The Twilight Sad: Walking For Two Hours
„Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters“ FatCat Records 2007

Angels Of Light: My Brother’s Man
„We Are Him“ Young God Records 2007

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Health: Salvia (Marcus Whale RMX)
„Disco3“ Loma Vista 2017

Health: Crusher
„Disco3“ Loma Vista 2017

Spectres: Condition
„Dissolve“ Sonic Cathedral 2017

Krälfe: SWKD
„Konserve“ Tumbleweed Records 2017

Mutter: Glauben, nicht wissen
„Der Traum vom Anderssein“ Die Eigene Gesellschaft 2017

The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Throbbing Gristle
„Don’t Get Lost“ A Recordings 2017

Children Of Alice: Rite Of The Maypole – An Unruly Procession
„Children Of Alice“ Warp Records 2017

Lætitia Sadier Source Ensemble: Double Voice: Extra Voice
„Find Me Finding You“ Drag City 2017

The Jesus And Mary Chain: Simian Split
„Damage And Joy“ ADA 2017

Xiu Xiu: Wondering
„Forget“ Polyvinyl Records 2017

Boy Division: When Doves Cry
„Pet Sounds“ Fidel Bastro 2008

The Mountain Goats: Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back To Leeds
„Goths“ Merge Records 2017

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Nots: Cold Line
„Cosmetic“ Heavenly Recordings 2016

Preoccupations: Degraded
„Preoccupations“ Jagjaguwar 2016

Trentemøller: Redefine
„Redefine“ In My Room 2016

Helen Money: Become Zero
„Become Zero“ Thrill Jockey Records 2016

Colder: All Along The Way
„The Rain“ Bataille 2016

All diese Gewalt: Stimmen
„Welt in Klammern“ Staatsakt 2016

Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek: Helio
„Schaum“ Faitiche 2016

Wang Wen: Red Wall and Black Wall
„Sweet Home, Go!“ Pelagic Records 2016

Health: Crusher
„Singles 2016“ Adult Swim 2016

Wye Oak: Better (For Esther)
„Tween“ City Slang 2016

Warpaint: New Song
„New Song“ Rough Trade 2016

New Model Army: Devil
„Winter“ Attack Attack 2016

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Disappears: Irreal
„Irreal“ kranky 2015

Carter Tutti Void: F=(2.2)
„f (x)“ Industrial Records 2015

Halma: Dirt Devils
„Granular“ Kapitän Platte 2015

Keine Zähne im Maul aber La Paloma pfeifen: Einsamer Mulero
„Die Biellmann-Piroutte“ Broken Silence 2015

Health: Stonefist
„Death Magic“ Loma Vista 2015

Eschberg: Feeder
„Large Hate Collider“ Eschberg 2015

A Place To Bury Strangers: We’ve Come So Far
„Transfixiation“ Dead Oceans 2015

Diät: Toonie
„Positiv Energy“ Adagio 830 2015

Ringo Deathstarr: Never
„Pure Mood“ Club AC30 2015

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Crash Course In Science: Cardboard Lamb
„Signals From Pier Thirteen“ Dark Entries 2014 (1981)

Barbara Morgenstern & Schneider TM: Kein Weg
„Beide“ Monika Enterprise 2015

Health: Stonefist
„Death Magic“ Loma Vista 2015

Health: Men Today
„Death Magic“ Loma Vista 2015

Health: L.A. Looks
„Death Magic“ Loma Vista 2015

No More: The Cold Years
„Silence & Revolt“ Rent-A-Dog 2015

No More: The Man Outside
„Silence & Revolt“ Rent-A-Dog 2015

Maff: Act 1
„Maff“ 2015

Sfir: (Der Geruch von) Große Welt
„Große Welt“ 2015

Diät: Hurricane
„Positiv Energy“ Adagio 830 2015

Diät: Nightmare
„Positiv Energy“ Adagio 830 2015

Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe: German Tangerine
„I Declare Nothing“ ‚A‘ Recordings 2015

Soap&Skin: Mawal Jamar
„Mawal Jamar“ 2015

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete: The Sky Of All Places
„Spectres Meets The Obsolete: Record Store Day Is Dying“ Sonic Cathedral/Howling Owl 2015

F.S.K.: The Transatlantic Feedback
„Silver Monk Time“ Play Loud! Productions 2006

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Shana Falana: Heavenstay
„Set Your Lightning Fire Free“ Team Love Records 2015

Shana Falana: Go
„Set Your Lightning Fire Free“ Team Love Records 2015

Labasheeda: Tightrope
„Changing Lights“ Presto Chango Records 2015

Shilpa Ray: Pop Song for Euthanasia
„Last Year’s Savage“ Northern Spy Records 2015

Ceremony: Bleeder
„The L-Shaped Man“ Matador Records 2015

 Girl Band: De Bom Bom
„The Early Years EP“ Rough Trade 2015

In Camera: The Attic
„Era“ 4AD 2015 (1980)

In Camera: Apocalypse (BBC Session)
„Era“ 4AD 2015 (1980)

Fufanu: We Will Last (Edit)
„Adjust To The Light“ One Little Indian 2015

HeadS.: Foam
„HeadS.“ This Charming Man 2015

No More: Stardust Youth
„Silence & Revolt“ Rent A Dog 2015

Health: New Coke
„Death Magic“ Loma Vista 2015

Bärchen und die Milchbubis: Tiefseefisch
„Dann macht es Bumm“ Gutfeeling Records 2015 (1981)

Rocko Schamoni & L’Orchestre Mirage: Rom
„Die Vergessenen“ Staatsakt

musikBlog XLIII (Jahresrückblick)

Crystal Castles: Year Of Silence
„Crystal Castles“ Polydor 2010

„Disco 2“ City Slang 2010

LoneLady: Early The Haste Comes
„Nerve Up“ Warp 2010

Fol Chen: The Holograms
„The Holograms EP“ Asthmatic Kitty 2010

The National: Afraid Of Everyone
„High Violet“ 4AD 2010

Michael Gira: Eden Prison (That Way)
„I Am Not Insane“ Young God Records 2010

Serena-Maneesh: Blow Yr Brains In The Mourning Rain
„No 2: Abyss In B Minor“  4AD 2010

Holy Fuck: Red Lights A Place To Bury Strangers Remix
„Red Lights“ XL Recordings 2010

MIT: Mairie
„Nanonotes“ V2 2010

Rowland S. Howard: Pop Crimes
„Pop Crimes“ CD – Infectious 2010

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Rowland S. Howard: Pop Crimes
„Pop Crimes“ CD – Infectious 2010

„Marry Me Tonight“ CD – Blast First Petite 2009

Effi Briest: Universe
„V.A.: Jonny“ 10″ – Blast First Petite 2010

Gavin Friday & Dave Ball: Ghostrider
„V.A.: Ghostrider“ 10″ – Blast First Petite 2010

Factory Floor: A Wooden Box
„Wooden Box“ 12″ – Blast First Petite 2010

Factory Floor: Lying (Chris Carter Remix)
„Wooden Box“ 12″ – Blast First Petite 2010

Crystal Castles: Bird
„Crystal Castles“ CD – Fiction Records 2010

HEALTH: Eat Flesh (Crystal Castles Remix)
„Disco 2“ CD – City Slang 2010

Greie Gut Fraktion: White Oak
„Baustelle“ Download – Monika Enterprise 2010

Killing Joke: Endgame
„In Excelsis“ MCD – Spinefarm Records 2010

A Place To Bury Strangers:
It’s A Fast Driving Raveup With A Place To Bury Strangers

„Ego Death“ Download – Mute Records 2010

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My Disco: You
„Young / You“ MCD – Blast First Petite 2010

Effi Briest: Long Shadow
„Rhizomes“ CD – Blast First Petite 2010

Greie Gut Fraktion: Wir bauen eine neue Stadt (Shortcut)
„Stadt Mixe“ 12″ – Monika Enterprise 2010

Ellen Allien: My Tree
„Dust“ Download – BPitch Control 2010

aswefall: Memphis
„Fun Is Dead“ CD – Isolering 2010

The Dance Inc.: Echoes
„This Fighting“ Free Download – Audiolith 2010

Alien Sex Fiend: Dance Of The Dead
„Death Trip“ CD – 13th Moon Records 2010

ASCII.Disko: Everything Is Fading Away
„Stay Gold Forever Gold“ CD – Artoffact 2010

„USA Boys“ Download – City Slang 2010

Record Club: Guns In The Sky
„INXS: Kick“ Download – 2010

Black Francis: Dead Man’s Curve
„Nonstoperotik“ CD – Cooking Vinyl 2010

Fischessen: Radius 40
„Köder“ CD – Blu Noise 2010

Black Cab: Rescue
„Call Signs“ CD – Laughing Outlaw Records 2010

A Place To Bury Strangers: Tried To Hide
„V.A.: The Psychedelic Sound Of The Sonic Cathedral“ CD – Sonic Cathedral 2010

mUsIk // trOnIc 2009 (Teil 2)

A Place To Bury Strangers: In Your Heart (Cereal Spiller Remix)
„In Your Heart“ Download – Mute Records 2009

Mittekill: 20000 Klassen
„You Are Home “ CD – Modul8 2009

Health: We Are Water
„Get Color“ CD – City Slang 2009

The Twilight Sad: That Birthday Present
„Forget The Night Ahead“ CD – FatCat Records 2009

Mono: The Battle To Heaven
„Hymn To The Immortal Wind“ CD – Conspiracy Records 2009

Fever Ray: Seven
„Fever Ray“ CD – Rabid Records 2009

Grand Duchy: Black Suit
„Petit Fours“ CD – Cooking Vinyl 2009

Metric: Front Row
„Fantasies“ CD – Metric Music International

Mediengruppe Telekommander: Einer muss in Führung gehen
„Einer muss in Führung gehen“ CD – Staatsakt 2009