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Swans: I Am The Sun
„The Great Annihilator / Drainland“ Mute 1995 (Re-Release 2017)

Michael Gira: I See Them All Lined Up
„The Great Annihilator / Drainland“ Mute 1995 (Re-Release 2017)

Thurston Moore: Cusp
„Rock’n’Roll Conciousness“ Caroline International 2017

Slowdive: Don’t Know Why
„Slowdive“ Dead Oceans 2017

Krälfe: TGO
„Konserve“ Tumbleweed 2017

Die Radierer: Spionin für die DDR
„Punk! Pest! Pop! – Sammelband 1978 – 1984“ Tapete Records 2017

Der Plan: Lass die Katze stehn!
„Unkapitulierbar“ Bureau B 2017

MimiCof: Parallel Roads
„Moon Sync“ Alien Transistor 2017

Crescent: Impressions
„Resin Pockets“ Geographic Music

Lea Porcelain: Remember
„Remember“ Lea Porcelain Recordings 2017

Trentemøller feat. Jennylee: Hands Down
„Hands Down“ In My Room 2017

The Black Angels: I Dreamt
„Death Song“ Partisan Records 2017

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: Sad Waters
„Lovely Creatures: The Best of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 1984 – 2014“ Mute 2017

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: I’m Gonna Kill That Woman
„Lovely Creatures: The Best of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 1984 – 2014“ Mute 2017

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Rank/Xerox: Ingenue
„M.y.t.h. EP“ Adagio830 2017

Buzzcocks: Orgasm Addict
„Time’s Up“ Domino Recordings Ltd. 2017 (Rerelease)

A Place To Bury Strangers: Everyone’s The Same
„Our First 100 Days“ 2017

Froth: Passing Thing
„Outside (Briefly)“ Wichita Recordings 2017

ADULT. featuring Michael Gira: Breathe On
„Detroit House Guests“ Mute Records 2017

ADULT. featuring Shannon Funchess: Stop (and Start Again)
„Detroit House Guests“ Mute Records 2017

The Magnetic Fields: ’84 Danceteria!
„50 Song Memoir“ Nonesuch 2017

High Plains: Blood that Ran the Rapids
„Cinderland“ kranky 2017

Conrad Schnitzler & Pole: lacht
„Con-Struct“ Bureau B 2017

Kreidler: Kannibal
„European Song“ Bureau B 2017

Pixx: I Bow Down (Radio Edit)
„I Bow Down“ 4AD 2017

Anna Calvi: Whip The Night (Live For Burberry)
„Live For Burberry“ Domino Recordings Ltd. 2017

The Jesus and Mary Chain feat. Bernadette Denning: Always Sad
„Damage And Joy“ ADA 2017

Thurston Moore: Cease Fire (Radio Edit)
„Cease Fire“ Caroline International 2017

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A Place To Bury Strangers: Oh No
„Kicking Out Jams“ Famous Class 2016

Rape Blossoms: VHS
„Ruinenlust“ 2014

Higher Authorities: Colour
„Neptune“ Domino Recordings Ltd. 2016

onDeadWaves: Jupiter
„onDeadWaves“ Mute Records 2016

Radiohead: Burn The Witch
„A Moon Shaped Pool“ XL Recordings 2016

Lush: Out Of Control
„Blind Spot“ Edamame Records 2016

Jaguwar: Initiate Contact According To The Sound Of Your Heart
„II“ Prospect Records 2016

Cate Le Bon: Wonderful
„Crab Day“ Turnstile 2016

Michael Gira: Annaline
„This Is Not Me“ Young God Records 2016

50 Foot Wave: St. Christopher
„Bath White“ HHBTM Records 2016

Driftmachine: Sans Soleil
„Colliding Contours“ Umor Rex 2016

Dieterich & Barnes: Philae Lands On Comet 67p_Churyumov-Gerasimenko
„The Coral Casino“ L.M. Duplication 2016

Spectres: Mirror (Giant Swan)
„Dead“ Sonic Cathedral 2016

Holy Fuck: Xed Eyes
„Congrats“ Innovative Leisure 2016

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Swans: The Apostate
„We Rose From Your Bed With The Sun In Our Head “ Young God Records 2012

Michael Gira: Michael’s White Hands
„The Milk Of M.Gira“ Young God Records 2012

Killing Joke: Primobile
„MMXII“ Spinefarm Records 2012

Killing Joke: In Cythera
„MMXII“ Spinefarm Records 2012

Grand Duchy: Silver Boys
„Let The People Speak“ Cooking Vinyl 2012

Grand Duchy: Illiterate Lovers
„Let The People Speak“ Cooking Vinyl 2012

A Place To Bury Strangers: Burning Plastic
„LAMC #1“ Famous Class Records 2012

A Place To Bury Strangers: You Are The One
„Worship“ Dead Oceans 2012

Liars: No.1 Against The Rush
„No.1 Against The Rush“ Mute Records Ltd. 2012

Japandroids: Jack The Ripper
„The House That Heaven Built“ Polyvinyl Records 2012

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Crystal Castles: Year Of Silence
„Crystal Castles“ Polydor 2010

„Disco 2“ City Slang 2010

LoneLady: Early The Haste Comes
„Nerve Up“ Warp 2010

Fol Chen: The Holograms
„The Holograms EP“ Asthmatic Kitty 2010

The National: Afraid Of Everyone
„High Violet“ 4AD 2010

Michael Gira: Eden Prison (That Way)
„I Am Not Insane“ Young God Records 2010

Serena-Maneesh: Blow Yr Brains In The Mourning Rain
„No 2: Abyss In B Minor“  4AD 2010

Holy Fuck: Red Lights A Place To Bury Strangers Remix
„Red Lights“ XL Recordings 2010

MIT: Mairie
„Nanonotes“ V2 2010

Rowland S. Howard: Pop Crimes
„Pop Crimes“ CD – Infectious 2010

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Michael Gira: No Words / No Thoughts
„I Am Not Insane“ CD/DVD – Young God Records 2010

Rowland S. Howard: Pop Crimes
„Pop Crimes“ Download – Liberation Records 2009

Dag För Dag: The Leather Of Your Boots
„Boo“ CD – Haldern Pop Recordings 2010

No More: Sunday Mitternacht
„Sunday Mitternacht“ 7″ – Rent A Dog 2010

Get Well Soon: Werner Herzog Gets Shot
„Vexations“ CD – City Slang 2010

Ninca Leece: The Uncut Version
„There Is No One Else When I Lay Down And Dream“ Download – Bureau B 2010

Yeasayer: Rome
„Odd Blood“ CD – Mute Records 2010

Portishead: Chase The Tear
„Chase The Tear“ Download – Amnesty International 2009

Pantha Du Prince: Behind The Stars
„Black Noise“ CD – Rough Trade Records 2010

The Knife: Colouring Of Pigeons
„Tomorrow, In A Year“ Download – Rabid Records 2010