indietronic (243)

Rank/Xerox: Ingenue
„M.y.t.h. EP“ Adagio830 2017

Buzzcocks: Orgasm Addict
„Time’s Up“ Domino Recordings Ltd. 2017 (Rerelease)

A Place To Bury Strangers: Everyone’s The Same
„Our First 100 Days“ 2017

Froth: Passing Thing
„Outside (Briefly)“ Wichita Recordings 2017

ADULT. featuring Michael Gira: Breathe On
„Detroit House Guests“ Mute Records 2017

ADULT. featuring Shannon Funchess: Stop (and Start Again)
„Detroit House Guests“ Mute Records 2017

The Magnetic Fields: ’84 Danceteria!
„50 Song Memoir“ Nonesuch 2017

High Plains: Blood that Ran the Rapids
„Cinderland“ kranky 2017

Conrad Schnitzler & Pole: lacht
„Con-Struct“ Bureau B 2017

Kreidler: Kannibal
„European Song“ Bureau B 2017

Pixx: I Bow Down (Radio Edit)
„I Bow Down“ 4AD 2017

Anna Calvi: Whip The Night (Live For Burberry)
„Live For Burberry“ Domino Recordings Ltd. 2017

The Jesus and Mary Chain feat. Bernadette Denning: Always Sad
„Damage And Joy“ ADA 2017

Thurston Moore: Cease Fire (Radio Edit)
„Cease Fire“ Caroline International 2017