indietronic (204)

The Twilight Sad Featuring The Royal Scottish National Orchestra: The Wrong Car (Live)
„The Wrong Car (Live)“ 2013

Mono: Kanata
„Kanata“ 2013

Trentemøller: Still On Fire
„Lost“ In My Room 2013

Trentemøller feat. Sune Rose Wagner: Deceive
„Lost“ In My Room 2013

 Cabaret Voltaire: Diskono
„#8385 (Collected Works 1983-1985)“ Mute Records 1983 (Re-Released 2013)

Cabaret Voltaire: Spies In The Wire
„#8385 (Collected Works 1983-1985)“ Mute Records 1984 (Re-Released 2013)

Asmus Tietchens: Unter fliegenden Tassen
„In die Nacht“ Bureau-B 1982 (Re-Released 2013)

Asmus Tietchens: Torpedo Ahoi
„Litia“ Bureau-B 1984 (Re-Released 2013)

Grooms: Iskra Goodbye
„Infinity Caller“ Western Vinyl 2013

Beastmilk: Ghosts Out Of Focus
„Climax“ Svart Records 2013

Throwing Muses: Sunray Venus
„Purgatory / Paradise“ The Friday Project Limited 2013

Throwing Muses: Milan
„Purgatory / Paradise“ The Friday Project Limited 2013