indietronic (224)

Crash Course In Science: Cardboard Lamb
„Signals From Pier Thirteen“ Dark Entries 2014 (1981)

Barbara Morgenstern & Schneider TM: Kein Weg
„Beide“ Monika Enterprise 2015

Health: Stonefist
„Death Magic“ Loma Vista 2015

Health: Men Today
„Death Magic“ Loma Vista 2015

Health: L.A. Looks
„Death Magic“ Loma Vista 2015

No More: The Cold Years
„Silence & Revolt“ Rent-A-Dog 2015

No More: The Man Outside
„Silence & Revolt“ Rent-A-Dog 2015

Maff: Act 1
„Maff“ 2015

Sfir: (Der Geruch von) Große Welt
„Große Welt“ 2015

Diät: Hurricane
„Positiv Energy“ Adagio 830 2015

Diät: Nightmare
„Positiv Energy“ Adagio 830 2015

Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe: German Tangerine
„I Declare Nothing“ ‚A‘ Recordings 2015

Soap&Skin: Mawal Jamar
„Mawal Jamar“ 2015

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete: The Sky Of All Places
„Spectres Meets The Obsolete: Record Store Day Is Dying“ Sonic Cathedral/Howling Owl 2015

F.S.K.: The Transatlantic Feedback
„Silver Monk Time“ Play Loud! Productions 2006

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Mono: Cyclone
„The Last Dawn“ Pelagic Records 2014

Wang Wen: Ten Thousand Buddahs
„Eight Horses“ Pelagic Records 2014

Gut und Irmler: Früh
„500 m“ Bureau B 2014

Schneider TM & Automat: Erdöl
„Bootleg – The First Record Made By Boots And Legs“ Bureau B 2014

The Twilight Sad: There’s A Girl In The Corner
„Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave“ FatCat Records 2014

Tindersticks: Whispering Guns (Pt 1, 2 & 3)
„Ypres“ City Slang 2014

Mono: Recoil Ignite
„Rays Of Darkness“ Pelagic Records 2014