indietronic (217) – Jahresrückblick 2014 (2)

The Left Hand Path: Magick
„Equinox“ Bandcamp 2014

Cold Specks: Exit Plan
„Neuroplasticity“ Muste Records 2014

Hauschka: Agdam
„Abandoned City“ City Slang 2014

Kreidler: Alphabet
„ABC“ Bureau B 2014

Hundreds: Please Rewind
„Aftermath“ Sinnbus 2014

The Fauns: Let’s Go
„Lights“ Invada Records 2014

Mono: Recoil, Ignite
„Rays Of Darkness“ Pelagic Records 2014

The Twilight Sad: In Nowheres
„Nobody Wants To be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave“ FatCat Records 2014