Everbody Plays A Second Hand Song (5) Titelliste

Pee-Bug: Novelty
Joy Division: Novelty
Johnny Cash: Hurt
Nine Inch Nails: Hurt
Jolly Goods: Cracking Up
The Jesus and The Mary Chain: Cracking Up
Warpaint: Billie Holliday
Mary Wells: My Guy
Unwoman: In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
Dead Can Dance: In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
Franz Ferdinand: Oblivion
Grimes: Oblivion
Liars: Army Of Me
Björk: Army Of Me
Bonaparte: Dieses Lied
Die Türen: Dieses Lied
Huah!: Bauer auf dem Parkdeck
S.Y.P.H.: Der Bauer im Parkdeck
Post War Glamour Girls: Johnny and Mary
Robert Palmer: Johnny and Mary
Away Deities: Auld Lang Syne
Frank C. Stanley: Auld Lang Syne
The xx: Last Christmas
WHAM!: Last Christmas
Grand Duchy: A Strange Day
The Cure: A Strange Day
Las Trizillizas der Oro: Pocholo
Gershon Kingsley’s First Moog Quartett: Popcorn
They Might Be Giants: Havalina
Pixies: Havalina
Sonic Youth: Within You Without You
The Beatles: Within You Without You
Carter Tutti: Lucifer Sam
Pink Floyd: Lucifer Sam
Bambara: Modern Love
David Bowie: Modern Love
Franz Bielmeier: Schwester Strahl
The Velvet Underground: Sister Ray